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1st Business Ideas Contest on AgriFood

The 1st Business Ideas Contest on AgriFood was hosted by the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Office, ELKE GPA. Participating in the competition team were 2 to 5 people / members of the academic community of the GPA, such as: Candidate students, postgraduate students and doctoral candidates. Groups are encouraged to be composed of different sections of the GAC.

The students, during the competition, created specific business plans for Food and Agriculture Enterprises. Their innovative projects concern:

  • the feed industry and the creation of an online auction platform for animal feed
  • the exploitation of by-products of b-cultivated industries and fruits from Greek land, for the production of bio-functional birds
  • the combination of dry olive leaves with organic greek herbs
  • monitoring the alteration of vulnerable products by producing TTI-type smart tags
  • the provision of counseling and training services to professionals rather than through an online service
  • and the exploitation of fishery by-products of fish, with a view to creating products of high nutritional value

The six business plans were presented on Tuesday, May 22, at the Athens Stock Exchange, while three of them were awarded as the best. The 1st place was conquered by the Dutch team, 2nd place was taken by ByMar, and the 3rd place by OH LIVE. The winning teams were awarded prizes with the sponsorship of the Athens Stock Exchange, which provided support throughout the development and presentation phase of the business plans in the competition teams.

Electronic auction platform for animal feed NUTRECO aspires to introduce innovative and modern services in the Fodder Market for the benefit of its participants, and the process is transparent, reliable and efficient. Its aim is to buy and sell various types of feed, through a reliable mechanism of price disclosure of these products, accompanied by the necessary guarantee procedures. As a result of this process, the creation of security and standardization structures, meeting market demand and ultimately reducing the cost of purchasing feed.

The team: El Mozazen Nadim, Petrovas Ioannis, Rigoutsos Marios, Sakellaridis Anastasios, Tsagaris Michael

Exploitation of by-products from industries and and low quality fruits from Greek soil for the preparation of bio-functional flours ΈλληνFood: The company uses grape marc (grape after winemaking) and pistachios (second grading: low-fat or discolored) aiming at the production of bio-functional gluten-free flour, reducing the burden on the environment and creating added value. The main aim is to cooperate with delicatessen, supermarket and bakery shops.

The team: Agalopoulos Nicolas, Valasis Lydia, Xagoraris Marinos

Organic tea with olive leaves & Greek organic herbs in capsules compatible with Nespresso machines O | H | LIVE pioneers & innovates by combining dried olive leaves with organic Greek herbs. It is a complete "livelihood" experience that balances the body and the spirit by combining tastes and qualities that provide health, well-being, relaxation, detoxification and rejuvenation.

Eros & Psychi, Gaia, Anthesis, Anamnesia, Chaos & Zoi .. Discover them!

The team: Kavouras Dimitris, Lekka Elena, Dourlaris Paraskevi, Papadakos Dimitris

Production of TTI-type smart tags to track the spoilage of vulnerable products MEATFRESH is an innovative company that designs tools and solutions to improve the management of the refrigeration chain. It provides time-temperature integrators (TTIs) in the form of stickers placed outside the meat packaging and in essence "translate" its microbial deterioration due to the effect of temperature. The color of the label varies from pale pink to dark purple - black, informing the consumer about the quality of the food and notifying it in cases that are inappropriate for eating. Thus, we ensure the safety of the food purchased by the consumer.

The team: Arkoumani Charikleia Argyro, Korre Maria, Tsigou Stavroula

Agriculture Online Consulting & Education Service OPTiFARM was created with the aim of developing an innovative online platform that will provide personalized counseling and training services to professionals and non-professionals in the agri-food sector. The platform will combine different databases of rural interest and with the appropriate educational services, provide support for decision making of the user when selecting, installing and operating an agricultural or livestock holding.

The team: Aggelopoulou Fotini, Anastasiou Evangelos, Furtatos Efstathios

Raw materials from fish by-products ByMar: An environmentally conscious company that exploits aquaculture fish byproducts to create products of high nutritional value. It is active in the field of raw materials for crafts and food cooperatives as well as mass catering facilities. In particular, it manufactures three kinds of powders, with different dietary characteristics, each of the byproducts, for use as a flavor enhancer and nutritional enrichment.

The team: Kandyliari Aikaterini, Mikro Theano, Samaris Nikolia, Philip Konstantina