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Tania: Farm management software

Smart-farming is a concept to cultivate crops with the combination of the latest technology and data analysis thus farmers can get more yields than conventional farming method. Why is it matter? Because the human population is increasing exponentially (1). On the other hand, the arable land on the EU (2) and some countries (3) in the world is decreasing, and also the world fresh water resource is also declining (4). It can lead to food scarcity. Therefore, farmers should start to embrace smart-farming practices soon. As an effort to mitigate the food scarcity issue, we established Tanibox (URL: https://tanibox.com), an agriculture technology company that focuses on smart-farming technology. Our mission to help farmers --especially smallholder farmers--around the world get access to smart-farming technology with the lowest initial cost as possible. The co-founders of Tanibox are three Indonesian people: Asep Bagja Priandana, Retno Ika Safitri, and Didiet Noor. We registered our company in 2017 in Tallinn through Estonia e-Residency program. Our professional background is software engineering for a decade, but we do grow our food at home.

Our main product is Tania, a farm management software. We initiated it because we were tired to record the data of our small hydroponic garden by using the spreadsheet. With the current version of Tania, you can track your crops from seeds until harvest, manage your growing area, record your inventories such as seeds and fertilisers, and tracking the task to do in your farm. Then after that, we decided to publish Tania (URL: https://github.com/tanibox/tania-core) as a free and open source software (FOSS). Since we release it as a FOSS, we get much feedback from users around the world, we also get some help from other software developers, so that we can evolve Tania until now. Sometimes people ask us, "How do you get the money if you release your software as a free and open source?". We offer professional service to customise Tania, and we develop the Internet of Things solution for the customer's farm or garden.

When we talk about smart-farming, usually farmers, especially the small-holder ones, think that it is expensive. It is not. To start doing smart-farming, you can start with a small step. You can begin to record each aspect of your farm and analyse its data to make it more efficient. If you want to record environmental data such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, pH, and anything that can affect your crops, you can do-it-yourself your IoT solution by using sensors and microcontrollers or development board such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or ESP8266.

We are in progress of developing the new Tania 2.0. You can read our roadmap on our GitHub wiki (URL: https://github.com/tanibox/tania-core/wiki/Roadmap). Since it is an open source software, you can also contribute to its development by giving us feedback, or become a backer/sponsor through our Open Collective page (URL: https://opencollective.com/tania).

LinkedIn Bio's:

  • (Article author) Asep Bagja Priandana https://www.linkedin.com/in/asepbagja
  • Retno Ika Safitri https://www.linkedin.com/in/retnoika/
  • Didiet Noor https://www.linkedin.com/in/didiet/

Photo: Our automated irrigation at home https://www.instagram.com/p/Bakzmn-AYxV/


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