Yomast – Innovative Greek yogurt

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Yomast is one of the innovative food products that were distinguished in the recent Ecotrophelia 2017 competition. It is a Greek yogurt with added value, 2% fat, creamy texture, made with cow's milk, mastitis, enriched with vitamin D (D3 form) , Ca (calcium citrate, E333) and P (phosphoric acid, E338). It was developed by targeting a wide consumer audience and exploiting the specific characteristics of mastiha, as the product name Yomast = Yo (gurt) + Mast (iha) also betrays. Yomast won second place in the Ecotrophelia competition with the following criteria:

  • Not to be marketed until the day of the contest.
  • Intended for human consumption.
  • To be tradable for retail sale and / or for sale in restaurants and / or for catering.greek yogurt
  • To be innovative in one or more points compared to similar products on the market. Innovation may be related to the idea and / or the technological aspects and / or the composition and / or packaging,
  • To take into account eco-innovation with regard to the main components (origin, biological and / or low energy footprint, etc.) and / or packaging (recyclable, etc.) and / or in the production process Energy saving, use of recycled water, etc.), and / or logistics (new services, small supply chains, etc.).
  • To be distinguished for its organoleptic, nutritional or other properties.
  • Reproducible on an industrial basis based on the description of the dossier (ingredients, production process, production costs, industrial investment, etc.).
  • To comply with applicable regulations (process, additives and ingredients, packaging, advertising, safety)
  • To be commercially exploitable (balance between supply and demand, marketing plan, packaging, logistics, etc.).
  • To be fully consistent with all of the above criteria.

More information can be found on the product website here or on its Facebook page here.