A beekeeper's decision making and social networking tool based on GNSS-enabled devices, satellite data and the beekeepers' community.

Why beekeeping?

Beekeeping is one of the few professions based on traditional practices and is characterized by a low degree of mechanization. This is due to the large percentage of older beekeepers who have limited access to technology and smart devices. However, the last decade has seen a shift in young people in beekeeping, with the result that the demand has focused on solutions and tools of smart technology and a wider market is formed with technological requirements.

BeeLive is a decision-making and social networking tool for beekeepers and is based on devices (such as mobiles, wearables and trackers) with built-in GNSS features, targeting satellite data and the beekeeper community.

Benefits of BeeLive

Through BeeLive, beekeepers will be offered a completely different package of services which:

  • is based on a smart application that is independent of any mechanical equipment
  • replaces traditional and subjective site-finding practices
  • covers more needs of the average beekeeper in information about apiary conditions
  • can be combined perfectly (but not necessarily) with a complete apiary monitoring system (and not just a hive) based on Internet of Things sensor and communication technology
  • the combination with the monitoring system offers full scalability to more cells at low cost, thus reducing the cost per cell and improving monitoring

The beekeepers will benefit from BeeLive as in the following:

  • They will be able to make rational decisions about apiary installation.
  • Operating costs may be significantly reduced due to calculated decisions.
  • Location of desired vegetation (e.g. flowers, pine, oak, etc.) will be easier to discover instead of hearsay or costly searches around the country.
  • Safe placement in permitted areas (distance from roads/residential areas/schools).
  • Real-time notifications on weather conditions or events in the area.
  • Utilization of historical data to discover long-term profitable locations.
  • In periods of lockdowns (e.g. Covid-19), one may monitor apiaries, remotely through the app with real-time data, as well as connect with fellow beekeepers.
  • Establishment of a community of beekeepers which will contribute to the strengthening of the apiculture industry and the transition from amateur beekeeping to smart beekeeping.

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